Industrial Seamless Resin Terrazzo

Solvent Free Industrial Epoxy and Polyurethane Seamless Terrazzo 6 - 9mm

6 to 9 mm solvent free epoxy and polyurethane terrazzo floor topping system for industrial applications. The floor screed is laid at 8 or 11 mm and ground and polished with diamonds to create a seamless industrial terrazzo floor.

Polyurethane terrazzo is a heavy duty terrazzo effect floor produced from inert granite aggregates and solvent free polyurethane resin, producing a decorative seamless floor that meets the performance requirements of BS2050 for industrial application

Seamless terrazzo is ideal for prestige and hygienic industrial work areas such as pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing where a durable and decorative floor is required. 

Anti static variants of the polyurethane seamless terrazzo are available.

Ecoflor supply, install and finish through diamond grinding and polishing in-house so can offer the full system without the need to sub-contract vital elements of the system.

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Floor At A Glance

  • 6 - 9mm Seamless Resin Terrazzo Floor
  • Solvent Free Epoxy or Polyurethane
  • Industrial Floor Applications
  • Standard & Bespoke Colour Range
  • Also Available in Anti-Static
  • Standard Gloss Sealed Surface
  • Diamond Polished Terrazzo Finish


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